AboutThe Inventor

This product was invented out of desperation. I just couldn’t remember where to put the silverware when I loaded the dishwasher. My wife is very organized and was getting frustrated with me because I just tossed the silverware in any basket as most of us do. It was making her crazy.

So the idea of sorting the silverware as I loaded the dishwasher was born. It seems so simple but if everyone in your household is tossing things in the dishwasher it’s nearly impossible to get everyone on the same page.

The Original Silverware Organizer Clip is made from dishwasher safe plastic. The clip design allows you to place the clip on the sides or dividers of any dishwasher silverware basket.

If you’ve ever unloaded a dishwasher and had to put the silverware back in the drawer you know how much time it takes to sort. By using The Original Silverware Organizer Clip your sorting nightmares are over. The silverware comes out clean, sorted and ready to put away.

Using this helpful organizing solution you can easily grab all the forks, spoons, and knives and easily put them away.